2024-6-7 16:21

Beijing Establishes 862 5G Virtual Private Networks

June 6 marks an important milestone—the fifth anniversary of 5G licensing in China. At the 2024 Forum on High-Quality Development of Mobile Communications held on this date, Su Shaolin, Party Secretary and Director of the Beijing Municipal Communications Administration, announced that Beijing has cumulatively built over 114,500 5G base stations, with 52 5G base stations per 10,000 people, ranking first nationwide. Key hotspot areas such as Financial Street, Capital Airport, and the Bird's Nest stadium now have the hardware capability for thousands of 5G-A base stations. The city has built more than 1,900 5G-A base stations. The year 2024 will officially launch pilot zones for ten-gigabit experience communities. Additionally, the world's first 400G all-optical inter-provincial (Beijing-Inner Mongolia) backbone network has been put into commercial use.

He further stated that Beijing has cumulatively established 862 5G industry virtual private networks, focusing on applications in smart education, healthcare, cultural tourism, sports, integrated media, Internet of Vehicles, and industrial internet. These networks aim to create exemplary demonstration projects around key application scenarios, transitioning from service innovation pilots to service production operations. 2024, regarded as the inaugural year of 5G-A, will see the formal commercial phase of 5G-A development. During the Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Dragon, a 5G-A ultra-high-definition low-compression wireless mobile live broadcast system will be used for vertical screen live streaming. Recently, various operators have successfully completed the deployment of 5G-A 3CC (three-carrier aggregation) in multiple densely populated areas such as universities, shopping malls, and subways. In districts like Yanqing and Miyun, cultural tourism hotspots are being integrated with low-altitude resources to plan and design a 5G-A integrated low-altitude experimental base. During the 2024 Mobile World Congress, the nation's first commercial project utilizing 5G-A technology for high-level autonomous driving—a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) test road located on Yongchang Road in Beijing's Yizhuang area—won the GTI Awards 2024 "Market Development Award."

Moreover, as the headquarters for various central state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises, Beijing boasts the most abundant and high-quality resources in talent, technology, and businesses in the country. Beijing has more than 22,000 internet companies, ranking first nationwide. The total number of website registrations is 405,600, ranking second nationwide, and the total number of mobile application registrations is 99,000, ranking fourth nationwide.



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