2021-10-11 13:20

China Mobile Completes 50G PON Live Network Test

Lianyungang branch of China Mobile has completed the test of the 50G PON system on the live network recently. The test results show that the 50G PON performance and ODN infrastructure reuse meet the expectations. This test also lays a solid foundation for the research and application of the 50G PON technology by China Mobile.

On April 23, 2021, the 50G PON standard was approved at the International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) conference, indicating that 50G PON has become the evolution target of the PON technology. China Mobile has been actively promoting the 50G PON technology and its industry applications, and conducted tests and verification in due time. To test the technology maturity and prepare for subsequent application, China Mobile carried out live network tests in Lianyungang. On the day of the test, experts from China Mobile witnessed the test preparation, implementation, and result verification.

"According to the test results, the 50G PON system delivers a downstream transmission rate of 41 Gbps and an upstream transmission rate of 16 Gbps. The average upstream latency is only about 80 μs. In addition, by reusing the existing ODN, 50G PON ONUs can register, go online, and work properly." said Cao Jixian, a network technology expert of China Mobile Lianyungang. In addition, 50G PON and 10G PON currently used have the same upgrade principles. They both use the WDM technology. The capacities of the two generations of PON systems do not affect each other, and they can be smoothly upgraded by replacing ONUs. The implementation mode remains unchanged. Both systems can use the MPM dual-mode (with built-in multiplexers) and external multiplexers. 50G PON can better meet the network access requirements of new service scenarios such as HD video, industrial Internet, and industry digitalization. It features a larger capacity and lower latency, and is oriented to 10Gbps fiber broadband in the future.



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