2021-2-26 11:20

China Mobile: 200M 5G Phones Added in 2021

Jian Qin, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, announced the firm's 2021 plan to add 200 million 5G phones and 100 million intelligent hardware articles based on consorted effort in the industry chain.

Earlier on January 26, 2021, China Mobile duly initiated a partnership with CBN to jointly build and share a 700MHz 5G network, Mr. Jian said. By teaming up, the two operators intend to promote the prosperity of the terminal ecosystem.

Oriented in innovation and development of 5G terminal and application, Mr. Jian offered three proposals: one, all parties in the industry are called upon to strengthen collaboration and innovation in 5G application, so as to build a software ecosystem in key fields, e.g., business, application or content; two, all parties in the industry are expected to speed up innovation in 5G terminal, so that 5G terminal products with morphological diversity will be launched; three, pan-terminal all-channel sales alliance will become bigger and stronger in the wake of involvement of more partners.



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