2019-12-14 09:50

Xiaomi Brings 5G Smartphones into the 2,000 RMB Era

In recent days, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi officially launched the first 5G cellphone Redmi K30 5G, with the basic price at 1999 RMB, the cheapest 5G cellphone below 2000 RMB (~285 US dollars). Xiaomi takes the lead and brings 5G cellphone into the 2000 RMB era.

In addition to the global first Snapdragon 765G integrated 5G processor, Redmi K30 5G cellphone features 5G MultiLink three-way concurrent, 6.67-inch panel with dual camera notches, 120Hz refresh rate, ultra-wide camera with macro shooter, and 4500mAh battery.

The launch will probably influence peer competitors’ products launch schedule, and smartphone manufacturers may have to turn to 5G smartphones. The 5G smartphones pricing might also put competitors in a dilemma, and resulting in early arrival of medium and low end smartphones. Nevertheless, 5G smartphone will hopefully become more popular in China, which will force telecommunication suppliers to accelerate 5G networking.



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